Our call for evidence is now closed – you can read the final report of the Commission here.

The following questions are derived from the Commission’s terms of reference and relate to the UK context. You may choose to answer all, or some, of the questions and you may wish to respond with regard to your specific sector/industry or in general terms.

We are seeking responses from all interested parties, including employers, trade unions, academics, think tanks, and public bodies.

1. What technological changes are likely to have the greatest impact, in terms of both opportunities and challenges, on workers in Britain between now and 2030?

2. How can technological change be best managed and promoted so as to have a positive effect for workers?

Issues you might address:

  • Adopting technology to create better jobs
  • Support for workers to adapt and re-train
  • Worker involvement in change
  • Trade union/employer partnerships
  • Workforce productivity
  • National public policy
  • Local and regional leadership
  • Sectoral leadership
  • Interaction with other trends (e.g. de-carbonising industry, population ageing)

3. How might technological change affect models of work and working practices, and how can workers’ rights be best protected?

Issues you might address:

  • New models of trade unionism
  • Employment relations and rights at work
  • Worker participation or control (including changes to business governance models)

4. As the disruptive effects of technological change on workers are likely to have a disproportionate effect upon certain groups and areas, what particular attention is required to ensure that the positive effects of new technologies are distributed across the workforce?

Issues you might address:

  • Jobs in which high numbers of women are employed
  • Different parts of the country
  • Workers aged over 45
  • People with few or obsolete skills

5. What best practice globally and in the UK should the Commission learn from to ensure that the challenges of technological change are handled effectively?

Further information about the commission can be found here.

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